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Superfine Hollow Glass Micro-bead Compound Materials
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Through the developed surface modification of ultra-fine Pearl treatment and composite technology, making hollow glass microspheres dispersed in polymer matrices, beads and the matrix has a good interface to obtain high performance of Superfine hollow glass beads/polymer composites.

It is understood that add 20% of hollow glass bead modified PP (polypropylene) compared with pure PP, notched impact strength 80%~100%, tensile modulus, flexural modulus of 50% more, also improved for flexural strength, tensile strength remained about the same or only slightly decreased. Superfine hollow sphere belongs to inorganic materials, wear-resistant performance than polypropylene. In addition, it has reflection effects on UV and anti-UV properties of composites.

According to reports, the Superfine hollow glass microspheres in fly ash modified polymer, on the one hand to play characteristic of hollow glass microspheres, polymer mechanical properties and wear resistance, insulation, insulation performance was significantly improved, high performance polymer materials. The other hand, this made of modified Superfine hollow glass microspheres suitable for polypropylene or polyethylene masterbatch, blended add makes the product's mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, insulation performance significantly, while reducing the cost of materials, very suitable for injection molding of the material has high rigidity, toughness requirements products.