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Silver-Clad Hollow / Solid Glass Microsphere
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Silver-Clad Hollow / Solid Glass Microsphere Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Appearance:Powder

  • Color:White

  • HS Code:7018200000

Silver-Clad Hollow / Solid Glass Microsphere Product Description

Silver-clad H/SGMs are the microspheres the surfaces of which are clad with a layer of silver ions that the glass microspheres have the property of silver conductivity and can replace the silver powders in some products, but the price is only one third of the silver powders. Our products are mainly applied in the fields of electron, apparatus instrument and chemical industry such as, conductive rubber, conductive plastic, conductive printing ink, conductive dope and conductive adhesive, etc. The main characteristic of the above mentioned products: Conductive property is excellent. Resistance of dry particles is 1.65-3.5 milliohm. The density is lower and weight is light. The bulk density of silver-clad hollow glass microspheres: 0.5g/cm3, that of silver-clad solid glass microsphere: 1.5g/cm3. In filling materials they have functions of anti-settlement and fatlute-separation-free and easy disperse. We also produce the various hollow/solid glass microspheres clad in varying noble-metals to meet the requirements of customers, for instance, titanium clad, copper clad and aluminium clad. etc.

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