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Research Progress On Electromagnetic Properties Of Hollow Glass Microsphere
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Hollow glass microspheres as a new functional material, excellent physical and chemical properties, as a filler, through certain processes formed into other materials integrated in the material several times compared with the base material can be improved or even dozens of times. Mixture of hollow glass microspheres from fly ash and polypropylene composites at room temperature and low temperature impact strength, stretching and bending performance has been significantly improved.

Hollow glass microspheres is a potential wave-absorbing materials, because of its basic characteristics including shape, composition, structure, and wall thickness can be directly affecting the itself the fluctuations of permittivity and permeability, and then absorbing performance of, so in special fields such as electromagnetic waves, hollow glass beads have been widely studied and applied. Gerald investigated in the insulation material in the hollow ferrite absorbing properties of the ball, pointed out that wave-absorbing composites with the exception of wave-related things, complex permeability resistance and diameter, also has an impact. Ball, seen as a potential system, electromagnetic wave on its free surface scattering or converging, thus affecting the trajectory of an electromagnetic wave.

At present, the hollow glass microspheres from fly ash has carried out many studies, but in terms of functional materials are mostly focused on the traditional method of surface coating, such as modification of fly ash internal organizational structure, to improve the performance of fly ash cenosphere will be a great help.