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Reflective Glass Microspheres
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Reflective Glass Microspheres Product Detail

Product Description

Reflective Glass Microspheres Glass Microspheres
Reflective glass microspheres / beads, as a necessary material for road marking, are mainly used for road mark lines and traffic signs. It is usually classified as bellows according to its usages.
I. Premixed microspheres; mixed in paint before working
II. Dropping microspheres.
Special coated glass microspheres / beads, brighter and better in moisture proof. It is used by dropping / spraying after mark painting. The coating will increase durableness for glass microspheres / beads and better function in rainy days and moist regions.
We supply Reflective Glass microspheres standards in GB/T24722-2009, BS6088A/B,AASHO I/II, EN 1423/1424, AS2009-B/C, KSL2521, and also in different single sizes or mixed according to customers demands.

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