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Polyacrylamide Used as Fracturing Fluid Drag Reducer
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Polyacrylamide Used as Fracturing Fluid Drag Reducer Basic Info

  • Model NO.: DE poly

  • Microspheres Appearance: Powder

  • Specification: INDUSTRY GRADE

  • HS Code: 39069090

  • Microspheres Color: White

  • OEM: Yes

  • Transport Package: 25kg Craft Paper Bag with PE Liner Inside

  • Origin: China

Polyacrylamide Used as Fracturing Fluid Drag Reducer Product Description

Drag reducer is classified as granule and emulsion based on its appearance. It can reduce friction during the 
process of adjunction and lower at least 70% pump pressure. The emulsion drag reducer can be completely 
hydrolyzed when contact with water, improve the mess flowing ways of the liquid, reduce pressure of pumping so 
that the flowing speed can be fixed. In the waterbased liquid, it is effective in drag reducing, increasing the guar 
gum fracturing viscosity and also can be used in shale-gas system fracturing. The granule drag reducer can be used as sandcarrier fluid witn higher concentration. 

This series of products can form ultrafine particles of molecular in the process of synthesis by controlling the 
reaction rate. It can easily disslove and distribute more evenly in water through a special process to introduce a 
hydrophilic group in its molecular chain.Thereby the oligomeric product can form microsphere structure in water 
solution and become a network structure which has a certain resistance to torsional bending, so the liquid can beused as drag reducer with high viscosity. 

Polyacrylamide Used as Fracturing Fluid Drag Reducer Product Advantages

★Play a drag reducing effect quickly and easily, reduce the required pumping pressure. 
★Can be pre-mixed and continuous use, more convenient to  use in field operation, 
★ Increase the jelly viscosity between guar gum and hydroxypropyl guar gum, to reduce the concentration of 
guar gum and hydroxypropyl guar gum. 

Polyacrylamide Used as Fracturing Fluid Drag Reducer Specification

ProductMolecular Weight (Million)SpecificationAppearanceThe Main Application
Drag Reducer16-19AnionicEmulsionOil and Gas Field
5-10CationicEmulsionOil and Gas Field
2-18AnionicFine PARTICLEOil and Gas Field

Polyacrylamide Used as Fracturing Fluid Drag Reducer.jpg