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Petroleum Fracturing Proppant
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Petroleum Fracturing Proppant Basic Info

Product Description

  • Colour: Black/Yellow

  • Specification: 30/50 Mesh

  • Proppants Apparent Density: 3.0-3.33G

  • Classification: Biocatalysts

  • Proppants Material: Al2o3

  • Bulk Density: 1.66-1.79g/cm3

  • Proppants Use: Positive Catalyst

  • Origin: China

    Petroleum Fracturing Proppant Petroleum Fracturing Proppant
    High crushing strength
    High flow conductivity

    Petroleum Fracturing Proppant Feature:
    Ceramic Proppant has much higher fracture strength and more environmental, it is manufactured by Bauxite and coals in high temperature. In the exploration of deep oil well, Ceramic proppant mixed with High pressure liquid solution will be filled into the cracked layers to support the facture, it can keep the oil and gas to flow smoothly. Lots of practice has proved that, use Ceramic Proppant can improve 30%~50% of Capacity and prolong the life cycle.

    Petroleum Fracturing Proppant Size available:
    12-20 mesh
    16-20 mesh
    16-30 mesh
    20-40 mesh
    30-50 mesh
    40-70 mesh
    Others as per clients' specification.

    Anti-crushing strength: 52Mpa, 69Mpa, and 86Mpa.
    Bulk density: Low-density, medium density, high-density.

    Petroleum Fracturing Proppant Advandge:
    Ceramic proppant is one of our main products.

    The professional processing skill and equipments are sure of top level. We are a stable and reliable supplier, and we focus on the finish quality as well as you.

    Welcome to inquiry us about any kinds of ceramic proppant if you need. You can be assured of our best attention at all times.

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