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Oil & Gas Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Sand
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Oil & Gas Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Sand Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: 30/50mesh

  • Proppants Application: Used in Oil and Gas Wells Exploration

  • Specification: ISO9001

  • Proppants Type: Ceramic Balls

  • Origin: China

  1. Fracturing ceramic proppant support agent

    Oil fracturing ceramic proppant ( ceramic proppant sand ) is a kind of ceramic particles in the product, has the very high fracture strength, mainly used for oil field well support, in order to increase the yield of oil natural gas, which belongs to environmental protection product.
    This product uses high grade bauxite, coal and other raw materials, ceramic sintering, natural quartz sand, glass, metal ball low strength proppant alternatives, to increase production of oil and natural gas has good effect.

    2. Oil & Gas Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Sand Quality control

    We know: "Quality is the basis for acquiring believes. It's critical for competition.

    It's our endless pursuit.
    It's the start point of value and dignity. And it's the best seller"
    To this end, our company has established a central laboratory, and set up a complete set

    Of scientific quality assurance
    System to ensure product quality, meet customer needs.

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