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Moister Proof Coated Glass Microspheres
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Moister Proof Coated Glass Microspheres Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Appearance:Powder

  • Color:White

  • HS Code:7018200000

Moister Proof Coated Glass Microspheres Product Description

Coated glass microsphere are a kind of products with an increased hydrophobic property which is coated by a special film material under a certain temperature conditions. This kind of glass microsphere could avoid the rain water or fog drop to adhere to the beads' surface, thereby makes the road strip integrated with this products more reflective even in the bad weather like a rainy night or heavy frog night. The granularity range of the coated glass microsphere is the same as the normal glass beads such as Pre-mixing reflective glass beads and Surface-spreading reflective glass beads. Our company's coated glass beads are moister proof, light-keeping products and adapted in rainy, foggy areas, and have been exported abroad to more than 20 countries and regions like Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Chile and so on.

 Moister Proof Coated Glass Microspheres.jpg