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Modification Of Hollow Glass Microspheres
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Hollow glass microspheres used in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material filled, which acts as a solid lubricant to improve liquidity, and on mechanical properties of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene materials are modified to enhance their strength and wear resistance, and so on. Nylon reinforced with a hollow glass micro-beads of tensile strength, impact strength, hardness, and other mechanical properties can be improved, and can prevent the ageing of materials caused by light and heat. Of hollow glass bead filled rigid PVC, profiles, tubes and plates, can make the material has excellent dimensional stability, improve the rigidity and heat resistance temperature and improve production efficiency; filled ABS, improve dimensional stability, reduce shrinkage, improved compressive strength and flexural modulus, and improve the performance of paint on the surface.

Hollow glass microspheres are civilian performance of emulsion explosives sensitized by agents. Early common density adjusting agent of emulsion explosive perlite and chemical foaming agents, such explosives are vulnerable to its size, strength and resistance properties of limits, low performance, short storage period, the density of explosives is difficult to control, and so on. Hollow glass microspheres is introduced in emulsion explosives, overcomes these shortcomings, greatly improving the detonation of an explosive performance and significantly improve storage stability. Its main feature is the use of hollow glass microspheres of sensitization. Can significantly improve the performance of emulsion explosive detonation, extended storage period.

Hollow glass beads can also be used for PuTTY (PuTTY) increased in volume and improvement of grinding performance, improve the performance of acid and alkali.

Hollow glass beads is recently developed a versatile, performance of the new material. In industries such as coatings, composites, artificial marble is widely used. Aviation, aerospace, new high-speed trains, luxury yachts, sports and other fields can be found in its shadow. Its successful application can be called a model of successful innovation is a traditional material.