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Microspheres Catalyst Chemical Plate Drying Machine
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Microspheres Catalyst Chemical Plate Drying Machine Basic Info

  • Model NO.: PLG

  • Flow: Cross Flow

  • Material Status: Power, Cream

  • Operational Method: Continuous

  • Professional Manufacturering: Strong Technical Power

  • Package: Wooden Case

  • Certificate: ISO14001 ISO9001

  • Specification: PLG

  • HS Code: 842119

  • Movement Way: Agitation

  • Heating Mode: Convective

  • Drying Medium: Inactive Gas, Effluent Gas

  • Type: Continuous Vacuum

  • Good Price: Experienced After Sale Service

  • Delivery: 30days

  • Guarantee Period: 1year

  • Transport Package: Standard Wooden Case

  • Origin: China

Microspheres Catalyst Chemical Plate Drying Machine Product Description

PLG Continuous Plate Dryer
Microspheres Catalyst Chemical Plate Drying Machine Working Principle
Wet materials are continuously fed into the first layer drying plate on the top of the dryer. They will be turned and stirred by the rakes whose arms make rotational motion. The materials flow through the surface of the drying plate along the index spiral line. On the small plate the materials will move to the outer edge and drop down to the large drying plate. On the big one they will move inward and drop to the small plate on the next layer from the central hole. Both small and large drying plates are arranged alternately so that the materials can get through the whole continuous plate dryer. The heating media will be led into the hollow drying plate. The heating media includes saturated steam, hot water and conduction oil, and it will enter from one end and derive from the other end. The dried materials will drop from the last layer of the drying plate to the bottom layer of the shell. Finally, they will be transferred to the discharge port by the rakes. The moisture escapes from materials and will be expelled from the wet discharge port on the top cover. The moisture of vacuum type drying machine will be drawn out by the vacuum pump. Drying pasty and heat sensitive materials, this continuous plate dryer can recover the solvent and conduct pyrolysis and reaction operation.
Microspheres Catalyst Chemical Plate Drying Machine Application
PLG continuous plate dryer is appropriate for drying, calcining, pyrolysis, cooling, reaction and sublimation in the chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food and agricultural industries. This drying machine is mainly used in the following fields:
1.       Organic chemical products: resin, melamine, aniline, stearate, calcium formate and other organic chemical material and intermediate
2.       Inorganic chemical products: calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, white carbon black, sodium chloride, cryolite, various sulfate and hydroxide
3.       Medicine and food: cephalosporin, vitamin, medicinal salt, aluminium hydroxide, tea, ginkgo leaf and starch
4.       Fodder and fertilizer: biological potash fertilizer, protein feed, grain, seed, herbicide and cellulose
For more information, please refer to PLG continuous plate dryer.
Microspheres Catalyst Chemical Plate Drying Machine Parameters of Continuous Plate Drying Machine

SpecificationsOuter Diameter (mm)Height (mm)Drying Area (m2)Power (kw) SpecificationsOuter Diameter (mm)Height (mm)Drying Area (m2)Power (kw)
2200/16536249.3 3000/3010650180

Package:wooden case

Microspheres Catalyst Chemical Plate Drying Machine service:
pre-sale service
Invite your company personnel to our company, communicate with each other on technical requirements,to understand correctly about material features and other specific requirements, comprehensive technical strength and long-term experience,design production meet the requirements, more sophisticated equipment.
sale service
We responsible is to debug the equirement accord with your company requirements of various technical data,operators will go to your company tell u equipment features and operation key points, so that the equipment running in the best condition.
after-sale service
we provide installation, debugging, maintenance, training and other services; Provide relevant technical data, equipment, software and related GMP certification materials;Set up after-sales service hotline, and arrange personnel to visit customers every yearto know more customer needs,like customer operation problems in the process of production equipment,our company will go scene and help u 24 hours (72 hours in other country)

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