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Microsphere Cenosphere in Oil Drilling
- Jul 15, 2017 -

Microsphere Cenosphere in Oil Drilling Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Cenosphere

  • Shape: Ball

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Trademark: TC

  • Origin: China

  • Size: 10-400 Mesh

  • Hs: 69029000

  • Color: White or Gray

  • Specification: SGS

  • HS Code: 69029000

Microsphere Cenosphere in Oil Drilling Product Description

Name: Cenosphere
Surface: Gray or White
Material: Fly ash
Size: 40-60Mesh, 80-120Mesh, 150-200Mesh, 200Mesh
Main Content: SiO2 56%-62% Al2O3 33%-38%
Usage: Refractory Materials, Building Materials, Oil Materials, Paint Industry, Insulation Materials, Plastics Industry, Aerospace and space development, FRP products and so on.
Microsphere Cenosphere in Oil Drilling Specifications
Microsphere Cenosphere in Oil Drilling Refractory cenosphere
1. Size: -300micron 98%min
2. Floating Rate: 95%min
3. Bulk Density: 0.33-0.45g/cc(typically 0.38g/cc)

The chemical composition of the drift beads

1.1 Improving flow properties.
Cenospheres is a tiny sphere with high ball-type rate. Its ball-bearing effect can improve its mobility and reduce the viscosity and internal stress of resin mixture . Therefore, during processing, less heat is produced in composite materials so as to prevent inadequate lubrication and partial thermal decomposition, It is more likely to extrude when molding, which can not only reduce defects in products, but also improve the production efficiency by 15%-20%

1.2 More substitute ability for resin
Cenospheres occupy less surface area, low oil-absorption rate, and evenly disperse in mixture. Its easy compression and integration permit high filler loadings. It significantly reduces the consumption of resins, increases the amount of filler, and effectively reduces VOC indicators, and costs as well.

1.3 Low shrinkage and warpage.
Cenospheres have the feature of isotropism and high-filling, hence the dimensional stability of the product will be very high and it will reduce the shrinkage and warpage. With an appropriate filling ratio, the toughness of the products, impact-resistance and surface hardness can be significantly improved.

1.4 More economical by volume.
The density of high-performance cenospheres is only a fraction of that of the resin. A small amount of hollow glass microspheres will be able to replace heavier materials. When considering the cost per unit volume, rather than cost per unit weight, high-performance hollow glass microspheres can significantly reduce cost

1.5 Adjusting the density of products
The density of cenospheres is usually 0.20~0.60g/m3, and the density of mineral filler is generally around 2.7~4.4g/m3 (The data adopted is the true particle density). In order to obtain the equal size, 14 kilograms or more of talc must be used to obtain the same effect of 1kg of cenospheres. Hence the desired ideal density can be obtained by adding appropriate proportions of cenospheres.


Test Metric




high flow spherical power

grain diameter (um)



shallow gray

specific resistance (Ω.CM)


actual density


Moh's hardness


bulk density (g/cm 3 )


PH value


refractoriness °C


melting point (°C)


thermal diffusivity (m 2 /h)


thermal conductivity (w/m@k)


compression strength (Mpa)


refractive index


Burning loss rate


oil absorption rate (g(oil)/g)


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