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Micro Glass Bead with High Roundness
- Oct 28, 2017 -

Micro Glass Bead with High Roundness Basic Info

  • Model NO.: glass bead

  • Gravity: 2.4~2.6 g/cm3

  • Microspheres Roundness: >80%

  • Appearance: Clean, Apparent, No Obvious Impurity

  • Microspheres Composition: Sodium Lime Glass Composition Sio2 Content >62%

  • HS Code: 701820009

Micro Glass Bead with High Roundness Product Description

Glass Beads are of ideal polishing media to clean away casting burrs due to its merits of anti-stress, anti-corrosion and anti-weariness. 

Sandblasting Glass Beads are widely used for blasting and polishing purposes, can be used for cleaning the moulds for forging, casting, glass, rubber, etc. For removing of the tensile stress and increasing and improvement of the corrosion resistance and fatigue life of the component such as aicraft engine turbine blades, haft, handing gear, springs etc. For deburring and cleaning of IC packing lead, cleaning and deburring of non-ferrous castings, for decorative finishing of the component surfaces, etc. 

No. Sieve Mesh Number Diameter(um)
30# 20--40 850--420
60# 40--60 420--250
80# 60--100 250--150
100# 80--140 210--105
120# 100--140 150--105
150# 100--200 150--74
180# 140--200 105--74
220# 140--270 105--53
180# 200--325 74--44
320# <325 <44
  Sandblast Glass Beads  

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