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Light Weight Petroleum Fracturing Ceramic Proppant
- Dec 01, 2017 -

Light Weight Petroleum Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Basic Info

Product Description

  • Type: Ceramic Sand

  • Raw Material: Bauxite, Kaolin

  • Proppants Authentication: API Q1

  • Test Report of UK: Frac Tech Test Report

  • Proppants Production Ability: 210, 000mt/Yr

  • Product: Ceramic Proppant

  • Application: Oil and Gas Fracturing

  • Proppants Usage: Petroleum Additives

  • Test Report of USA: Stim-Lab Test Report

  • Density: Low, Medium, High

  • Model: 52mpa 69mpa, 86mpa

  • HS Code: 6914900000

Benefits of Wanli Ceramic ProppantCeramic Proppant can not only increase the oil and gas production output, but also extend the oil and gas wells' length of service. Benefits of Ceramic Proppant are: Fracture conductivity to moderate depths, ideal for oil/gas reserves; Moderately permeable wells with closure stresses; Conductivity in deep and hostile downhole environments.
Wells that have been fractured with Wanli ceramic proppant consistently exhibit improved production of oil and gas in a variety of reservoir conditions

Our customer service team works closely with clients to ensure logistical support and timely delivery of our proppants on a daily basis. To prevent damaging or contaminating our cargo during vessel loading, our staff is at the port round the clock to supervise vessel loading operation until the loading is completed.

Our dedicated and highly experienced staff is able to seamlessly ship, receive, and distribute our proppants to anywhere in the United States and Canada. All clients can be assured that our products will be delivered whenever and wherever possible they are needed. At the customer's request, we work with internationally recognized quality/cargo survey companies such as ITS and SGS to supervise cargo loading.

Application: Oil and gas fracturing
Raw material: Bauxite, kaolin
Usage: Petroleum Additives
Authentication: API Q1
Test Report of USA: Stim-Lab test report
Test Report of UK:  Frac Tech test report
Density: Low, medium, high
Production Ability: 210,000mt/yr
Model: 52Mpa 69Mpa, 86Mpa
No. 20120407-23

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