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How Separation Of Hollow Glass Beads?
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Current separation in hollow glass microspheres from fly ash, can be roughly divided into two methods. Is the use of dry mechanical separation of cenospheres; second, wet separation hollow glass microspheres. Specific methods can be used according to the actual situation may be.

At home, using dry mechanical sorting method, gravity separator separation of hollow glass bead device, can handle daily 30t fly ash. The separation process include select hollow sphere, and you can choose iron, of carbon, and hollow glass microspheres of various particle size classification.

Hollow glass bead separation device consists of three main parts, namely, separator, separators, collectors.

Points selected device is used gravity separation method, and points selected device by three a size ranging of settlement box composition. in each settlement box of lower, are has unloading material device, dang contains fly ash of air by intake pipeline into settlement box Shi, due to air channel section of increases, makes gas velocity quickly declined, fly ash take itself gravity of role. has part gradually whereabouts to settlement box in the, according to, drop principle, more heavy of rough particles, cellular-like vitreous, quartz, and mullite stone, solid beads, Bead most of char particles and large particles are deposited in the separator, respectively. There are some small hollow glass micro-beads, micro beads and the air flow into the separator.