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Hollow Refractory Cenospheres with High Quality
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Hollow Refractory Cenospheres with High Quality Basic Info

Product Description

  • Refractoriness (℃): Refractoriness> 2000

  • Type: Heat-Resistant Material

  • Material: Silicon Carbide (SiC)

  • Feature: Long Time Materials, Instant Materials

  • Shape: Powder

Cenosphere, used as insulation material, also apply for coating and painting
Hollow Refractory Cenospheres with High Quality Cenosphere:
Cenosphere is a kind of hollow ceramic bead with a small proportion of waste ashes from certain coal-burning power stations. When disposal of the waste ash by means of settlement pools, cenosphere is floating and gathering on the surface and known as floaters.

Cenosphere is usually with a color of light gray or off white. It is one sort of light nonmetallic material with the particle size ranging from 20μ M to 500μ M. This material has excellent fluidity as well as sound, electric and heat insulation.

Microspheres Features:
1. Excellent fluidity: It is one kind of hollow ceramic bead. Its particle size is from 20μ M to 500μ M, over 95% sphere. It can improve fluidity of filler and make it easy to process
2. Heat-insulating and sound-insulating: Lower conductivity makes widely used in producing heat-insulation and sound-insulation materials
3. Chemical stability: Chemical features of hollow ceramic beads will not be changed while it is mixed with water, acid, alkali and other chemical materials
4. High refractoriness: Its melting point can reach up to 1, 450° C. So it can still keep good stability while it is heated to 1, 000° C
5. Electric insulation: Can be used to produce insulating seal materials for switch boxes and instrument boards
6. Lower cost: Cenosphere has low producing cost compared with other fillings and manufacturing beads

Microspheres Applications: Cenosphere is widely used as multi-functional material with high performances in building materials, rubber, plastics, paint, FRP, the petrochemical industry, and aviation industry
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Microspheres Packing:
1.400kg/container bag
2.25kg/plastic woven bag

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