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Hollow Ceramic Microspheres
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Hollow Ceramic Microspheres Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Specification:White

Hollow Ceramic Microspheres Product Description

Hollow ceramic microspheres, are hollow, inert, lightweight, spherical, non-metallic material, composed largely of Silica (SiO2) and Alumina (Al2O3). The composition of which is similar to glass and ceramic.

Sun Microsphere products offer quality microspheres that serve specific applications as light weight filler, such as oil well drilling, building material, foundry, refractory, plastics, etc.

CHS8000 looks white with unaided eye.

Description, Value

Whiteness: WhH82-86 (hunter whiteness index)

Density: 0.75-0.85g/cc

Particle size: 10-300microns

Sinker v/v%: 5%

Moisture rate: 0.2%

Melting point: 1800 degree C

Hollow Ceramic Microspheres Package: 20kg paper sacks or 500kg big bags.


Hollow Ceramic Microspheres.jpg