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Hollow Glass Microspheres for Thermal Insulation Paint
- May 06, 2017 -
Low Density Hollow Glass Microspheres Basic Info
  • Model NO.: T20, T25, T32, T40, T46, T60

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Level: Primer

  • Certification: ISO9001

  • Components: Soda-Lime Borosilicate Glass

  • Expiration Date: 1 Year

  • Other Name: Glass Microspheres,Glass Bubbles

  • Samples: Offer Free Sample Below 500g

  • Usage(1): Thermal Insulation Paint,

  • Usage(3): Syntactic Foam Material

  • Production: 600mts Per Month

  • Transport Package: Carton Pack and Jumbo Bag

  • Color: White

  • Main Raw Material: Soda-Lime Borosilicate Glass

  • Method: as Customer Request

  • Substrate: Glass

  • Formation Mechanism: Non Conversion Type

  • Chemical Name: Hollow Glass Microspheres

  • Lead Time: 15days After Order Confirmed

  • MOQ: 500kgs

  • Usage(2): Composite Materials

  • Usage(4): for Emulsion Explosives

  • Specification: hollow glass microspheres

  • HS Code: 7018200090

Low Density Hollow Glass Microspheres Product Description
                                                                       Hollow Glass Microspheres
Product name:Hollow Glass Microspheres
Main component:Soda-lime borosilicate glass
Characteristic:Hollow,light ball glass,Acid Alkali Resistance,insoluble in water
Description: Hollow glass microspheres is a tiny sphere with high ball-type rate.
         Its ball-bearing effect can improve its mobility and reduce the viscosity
         and internal stress of resin mixture .

AppearanceWhite powder
   0.20   0.250.320.400.460.60
Particle       size  (microns)10th%    323030202218
90th%   106   10074706560
Crush strength PSI550 7502000 4000 6000  10000
Softening point625ºC625ºC625ºC625ºC625ºC625ºC
Thermal conductivity0.0500.0530.0680.0770.0900.160
Flotation ratio  96%  95%  95%  95%  95%  94%
PH  8-9.5  8-9.5  8-9.5  8-9.5  8-9.5  8-9.5

IndexA2000A4000A6000  A8000A12000
Appearance                    White powder
True density
Particle size
Crush strength  PSI   2000  4000   6000
  8000  12000
MPA   14   28    41   5582
Softening point620ºC620ºC620ºC620ºC620ºC
Potential Applications:
1:Thermal insulation in building materials;mainly use for paint,coating,putty powder etc......
2:Composite material,these low density particles are used in a wide range of industrial reduce part weight,lower cost to enhance product properties.
3:Use in emulsion explosive
4:Use for spaceflight and sailing materials because it's light and high compressive strength.
5:As lightening admixture for Drilling fluid and oil well cement in oilfield exploitation
6:Use for agriculture,Pesticide water dispersible granule,can float on water to make decompose fully.
Packing & Storage
A:Without pallet
B:With pallet,each pallet with 16 cartons.PS.:40'HQ without pallet.
C:Jumbo bag
Store in dry and cold.
Packing typeABCABCABC
20'GP(Load quantity)260020802000325024003000390035204200
40'GP(Load quantity)560045764000700052806000840077448400
40'HQ(Load quantity)6950  8687  10425  
Packing typeABCABCABC
20'GP(Load quantity)520044805000572051206000780064008000
40'GP(Load quantity)11200985610000123201126412000168001408016000
40'HQ(Load quantity)13900  15290  20850  
A series packing:
A2000 is same as T32
A4000 is same as T40
A6000 is same as T46

A8000&A12000 is same as T60

Hollow Glass Microspheres for Thermal Insulation Paint