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Hollow Glass Microspheres for Low Density Drilling Fluids/ Cement Slurries (Y2000)
- Apr 26, 2017 -

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:Y12000

  • Material:Soda Lime Borosilicate Glass

  • Type:Structured Packing

  • CAS No.:65997-17-3

  • Crush Strength:5mpa-69mpa

  • Thermal Conductivity:0.03-0.06W/M.K

  • pH:8-9.5

  • Appearance:White Fine Powder

  • Ingredients:Soda Lime Borosilicate Glass

  • Application:Filler for Various Applications

  • Purity:98%

  • Origin:Mainland China

  • HS Code:70182000

Product Description
Hollow glass microspheres for low density cement slurries
Because low density cement slurries made with glass microspheres are incompressible - providing consistent and predictable density from the top of the borehole to the bottom - it is often possible to reduce the number of stages that it takes to pour the slurry and sometimes to eliminate staging altogether.
Glass microspheres in low density drilling cements can decrease density to as low as 6.0 lbs/gal (0, 72 kg/l) with acceptable physical properties. Other benefits are:
1. Low shrinkage
2. Less wait on cement (woc)
3. Easy mixing
4. higher yield
5. Good strength at 12 and 24 hours
Hollow glass microspheres for low density drilling fluids
1. Simple hydraulic calculations
2. Smooth measurement while drilling (mwd) transmission
3. No need for expensive compressors
4. Less likelihood of corrosion to the drill string
5. Reduced explosion potential
Model     Similar 3M Models                               Particle Size Range           True density    Crush strength   
μm g/cm3 Mpa/Psi
Y2000 HGS2000 HGS3000 2~120 0.32 14/2000
Y4000 HGS4000 2~100 0.40 28/4000
Y6000 HGS5000 HGS6000 HGS8000 2~85 0.46 41/6000
Y10000 HGS10000 2~80 0.60 69/10000
Y12000 HGS18000 2~80 0.60 82/12000