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Hollow Glass Microspheres (bubbles) for Increase Buoyancy
- May 18, 2017 -

Hollow Glass Microspheres (bubbles) for Increase Buoyancy Basic Info

  • Model NO.: T20, T25, T32, T40,

  • Structure Feature: Floating Ball Filler

  • Usage: Increase Buoyancy and Reduce The Weight

  • Source: Particle

  • Other Name: Glass Microspheres,Glass Bubbles

  • Samples: Offer Free Sample Below 500g

  • Usage(1): Thermal Insulation Paint,

  • Usage(3): Syntactic Foam Material

  • Production: 600mts Per Month

  • Transport Package: Carton Pack and Jumbo Bag

  • Origin: Anhui

  • Material: Soda-Lime Borosilicate Glass

  • Type: Paint

  • Effect: Increase Buoyancy and Reduce The Weight

  • Chemical Name: Hollow Glass Microspheres

  • Lead Time: 15days After Order Confirmed

  • MOQ: 500kgs

  • Usage(2): Composite Materials

  • Usage(4): for Emulsion Explosives

  • Trademark: Elite-indus

  • Specification: hollow glass microspheres

  • HS Code: 7018200090

Hollow Glass Microspheres (bubbles) for Increase Buoyancy Product Description

                            Hollow glass microspheres(bubbles) for increase buoyancy
Product name:Hollow Glass Microspheres
Main component:Soda-lime borosilicate glass
Characteristic:Hollow,light ball glass,Acid Alkali Resistance,insoluble in water

Hollow Glass Microspheres (bubbles) for Increase Buoyancy Description: Hollow glass microspheres is a tiny sphere with high ball-type rate.
         Its ball-bearing effect can improve its mobility and reduce the viscosity
         and internal stress of resin mixture .

Specifications of Hollow Glass Microspheres

AppearanceWhite powder
   0.20   0.250.320.400.460.60
Particle       size  (microns)10th%    323030202218
90th%   106   10074706560
Crush strengthPSI550 7502000 4000 6000  10000
Softening point625oC625oC625oC625oC625oC625oC
Thermal conductivity0.0500.0530.0680.0770.0900.160
Flotation ratio  96%  95%  95%  95%  95%  94%
PH  8-9.5  8-9.5  8-9.5  8-9.5  8-9.5  8-9.5


IndexA2000A4000A6000  A8000A12000
Appearance                    White powder
True density
Particle size
Crush strength PSI   2000  4000   6000
  8000  12000
MPA   14   28    41   5582
Softening point620oC620oC620oC620oC620oC

Hollow Glass Microspheres (bubbles) for Increase Buoyancy Potential Applications of Hollow Glass Microspheres
1:Thermal insulation in building materials;mainly use for paint,coating,putty powder etc......
2:Composite material,these low density particles are used in a wide range of industrial reduce part weight,lower cost to enhance product properties.
3:Use in emulsion explosive
4:Use for spaceflight and sailing materials because it's light and high compressive strength.
5:As lightening admixture for Drilling fluid and oil well cement in oilfield exploitation
6:Use for agriculture,Pesticide water dispersible granule,can float on water to make decompose fully.
Packing & Storage Hollow Glass Microspheres
A:Without pallet
B:With pallet,each pallet with 16 cartons.PS.:40'HQ without pallet.
C:Jumbo bag
Store in dry and cold.

Packing typeABCABCABC
20'GP(Load quantity)260020802000325024003000390035204200
40'GP(Load quantity)560045764000700052806000840077448400
40'HQ(Load quantity)6950  8687  10425  
Packing typeABCABCABC
20'GP(Load quantity)520044805000572051206000780064008000
40'GP(Load quantity)11200985610000123201126412000168001408016000
40'HQ(Load quantity)13900  15290  20850  

A series packing:
A2000 is same as T32
A4000 is same as T40
A6000 is same as T46
A8000&A12000 is same as T60

A,B is carton packing,

C is Jumbo bag packing

Hollow Glass Microspheres (bubbles) for Increase Buoyancy.jpg