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Hollow Glass Bead Agitation Materials In The World Pattern
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Hollow glass microspheres are hollow spheres with high performance super lightweight powder of inorganic non-metal materials, was developed in recent years, a wide range of uses, excellent performance of new lightweight materials, which will become the mainstream of 21st century new composite materials.

70% of products export, agents at home and abroad have urged the requesting agency, door-to-door international industry giants seek cooperation ... ... Sinosteel maanshan Institute of mining have created this scientific miracle: with well-grounded, hollow glass microspheres with high performance products has been developed in one fell swoop, quickly stir the global pattern of new composite materials, blew a stream of "China tornado".

Let Chinese enterprises with China glass beads

In a high-powered electron microscope, high performance hollow glass Microsphere seems to be bits of crystal clear hollow glass balls. It is this very small scale structure, hollow glass beads which have been developed in recent years a wide range of uses, excellent performance of new lightweight materials.

China's "craft" for maximum dive depth 5057 m creates a manned deep submergence of new history. The shell looked very thick monster, weight no more than 22 tons in air, it is made of hollow glass microspheres with epoxy resin. Not only that, but because of hollow glass beads as well as thermal insulation characteristics, but also has a sound-absorbing function, thus become the aircraft of choice for weight loss. Hollow glass microspheres coated with nickel and cobalt and other metals not only can reduce the weight of aircraft, more absorbing contact lenses.

Small glass beads into the heavens into the essential key material, naturally becomes the focus.