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High Strength Hydrolic Fracturing Ceramic Proppant
- Dec 05, 2017 -

High Strength Hydrolic Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: 30/50mesh

  • Model Number: 30/50mesh

  • Proppants Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Material: Alumina Ceramic

  • Proppants Application: Widely Used in Oil and Gas Exploration

  • Specification: ISO9001: 2008

  1. High strength
    2. AAA credit product
    3. Ceramic proppant for oil drilling
    4. High conductivity
    5. Timely delivery

    1. High Strength Hydrolic Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Production introduction

    Our ceramic proppants are made from high quality bauxite, fired at high temperature with high compressive strength, perfect roundness and inert chemical composition. Based on the top advanced equipment, cutting edge technology and perfect quality control system, our high quality proppant successfully help our global customers largely enhance the production capacity and profitability with low cost and investment.

    2. Advantages of our ceramic proppant

    Good roundness and sphericity

    Good stable chemically inert

    Direct manufacturer of oil ceramic proppant

    Competitive price ceramic proppant

    3. High Strength Hydrolic Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Application

    It has the features of high compressive strength, low bulk density, good sphericity and strong conductivity. After using this product, oil-gas wells can improve gravel grade, reduce construction friction, and strengthen manufacturing sewing ability so that it can increase oil production and extend service life of oil wells, so it is the best product for oil-gas wells in the deep place to fracture and change the layer cracks.

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