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High Performance Hollow Glass Microspheres (Hollow Glass Bubble)
- Aug 10, 2017 -

High Performance Hollow Glass Microspheres (Hollow Glass Bubble) Basic Info

Product Description

  • Usage: etc. Well Completion, Thermal Insulation Coating

  • Effect: Reduce Cost

  • HS Code: 7018200001

High Performance Hollow Glass Microspheres (Hollow Glass Bubble) Product process: Our hollow glass microspheres are manufactured by soft-chemical method. The main raw materials are silica, borate and metasilicate.  These feed materials are firstly dispersed into water, then the slurry mixture are grounded into homogeneous colloidal sol. By thermal spray-drying, the sol are further prepared into micro spherical precursor particles. Finally by passing through high temperature flame, the precursors finish their glass transition and expand into our hollow glass microspheres at the same time.

Product fieldApplication productApplication advantageRecommended model

Oil field
Ultra low density cementReduce the density, reduce fluid column pressure; reservoir protection, prevent the occurrence of cement leakage and Fractured Weak cemented strata; reduce the number of cement injection, improve mud-making rate of cement slurry; low shrinkage cement slurry solidification; reduce the curing time of cementD4000,D6000,D8000,D10000,D12000
Light drilling fluid and completion fluidEffective reduction of density; good chemical stability;
To achieve underbalanced drilling, reduce the lost circulation and differential pressure sticking, improve the service life of the drill bit, reduce the formation damage of drilling fluid.
Can be recycled to reuse
Building materialThermal insulation coatingExcellent thermal insulation performance;
Increase the level of solar reflectance and coating scattering ability, wear resistance, increase flow, reduce costs, weight loss, reduce shrinkage, reduce warpage
Powder coatings, industrial paints
Repairing putty for ship and automobile
Wall putty
Imitation marble
Tile cement
AdhesiveAcrylic foam tape(VHB)Reduce the density, improve the viscosity, reduce the amount of solvent used to prevent overflowC15,C20,C25,N17,N24,N32
SealantImprove liquidityC15,C20,C25,N17,N24,N32
Engineering plasticAutomobile injection partsAs a kind of high strength filler can effectively improve the performance of products, including reduce component weight and water absorption rate, easy to deformation, and the resin fusion better, reduce the strength, reduce the amount of resin, cost savings, better reflect the mechanical properties of productsC25,C30,C35,C40
Engineering plasticEpoxy resinIt can reduce the viscosity of the resin, improve the bending strength, improve the physical and mechanical properties, improve the glass transition temperature, reduce the dielectric constant, reduce the water absorption and reduce the cost.C25,C30,C35,C40
Thermosetting plasticsUnsaturated polyester can be used to reduce the shrinkage and washing rate of products, improve wear resistance and hardness, and less time in the lamination and coating for glass fiber reinforced plastic products, polishing wheels, tools and so on.
Silicone resinFilling silicone resin, can improve the physical and mechanical properties, a large number of filling can greatly reduce the cost, is the ideal material for the production of mold.C15,C20,C25,N17,N24,N32
Nylon,PP,PBT,PC,POMImprove liquidity, eliminate the exposure of glass fiber, overcome warpage, improve flame retardant performance, reduce the consumption of glass fiber and reduce production costs.C15,C20,C25,N17,N24,N32
VC,PP,PE,It can improve the products of high temperature, insulation, acid and alkali resistance and other properties and product processing performance, improve production and reduce costs.C15,C20,C25,N17,N24,N32
Application AreasFunctionRecommendations
Building materials
Plugging agentReduce shrinkage, Prevent crackingC12.C17.C22
Artificial stoneEasy to burnish, easy processing, weight loss, anti thermal burstC12.C17.C22
Tile cementReduces shrinkage and increases flowC22.C27
Spray / coating materialCost reduction, easy sanding, reduce warpage, weight lossC12.C17.C22.C27
Plywood puttyCost reduction, easy to burnish, reduces shrinkageC17.C22
Thermal insulationThermal insulation BoardC12.C17.C22
Mending wall puttyEasy sanding, reduce shrinkageC12.C17.C22
Adhesive (aviation)weight loss, reduce shrinkage, increase filling capacity, reduce VOCC27.C35.C42
Aviation filler materialnoise reduction, weight loss, fire preventionC12.C17.C22
Resin filling
BowlingDensity controlC12.C17.C22
Golf (light)weight lossC51
Polyurethane injectionCost reduction, easy sanding, reduce warpage, weight lossC12.C17.C22
Furniture (polyester casting)Cost reduction, easy sanding, easy processing, weight loss, thermal insulationC12.C17.C22
Ship floating body
Shallow water floating bodyCost reduction, weight loss, waterproof, easy sanding, easy processingC12.C17.C22.C27
Deep water floating bodyAnti high pressure, weight loss, waterproofC62.C73
Ship puttiesCost reduction, weight loss, reduce shrinkage, educe warpageC12.C17.C22
Oil and gas exploitation
Light cementing slurry (deep well)Anti-high pressure, short setting time, high filling capacityC51.C62.C73
Cementing cementlow shrinkage, short setting time, high filling capacityC35.C42.C51
Low density drilling fluidfavorable for directional drilling, reducing cement density and improving cementing qualityC51.C62.C73
Completion fluidRegulates the density, Adjusting density, lubricating wellbore, reducing drilling difficultyC51.C62.C73

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