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High Floating Rate Oil Drilling Used Zeeospheres Microsphere Powder
- Jun 28, 2017 -

High Floating Rate Oil Drilling Used Zeeospheres Microsphere Powder Basic Info

  • Feature: Long Time Materials

  • Shape: Powder

  • CAS No: 65997-17-3

  • Purity: High Purity

  • Application: Industrial Chemical Additive

  • Color: Grey, White

  • Size: 500um

  • Transport Package: 25kg Bag or Ton Bag or as Your Requirement

  • Origin:   China

  • Refractoriness (℃): 1770< Refractoriness< 2000

  • Type: Refractory Material

  • Material: Fiy Ash/Silicon Carbide (Sic)

  • Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Industrial Grade

  • Appearance: White Powder

  • Raw Material: Sio2, Al2O3, Fe2o3, Fly Ash

  • Property: Fine Grain, Hollow,Qualitative Light

  • Specification: SGS, CE

  • HS Code: 6815999000

High Floating Rate Oil Drilling Used Zeeospheres Microsphere Powder Product Description


Zeeospheres Microsphere Powder
Product Description
1.  Main Usage of Cenosphere
1. Paints and ink: ink, bond, vehicle putty, insulating, antiseptic, fireproof paints.
2. Plastics: the products of POM ,PA,PBT,PET,PP and so on. Like panels, boards, vehicle decorations, glass fiber products.
3. Rubber: floors,boards ,wires and lines ,insulating devices, sole, conveyer belt, vehicle parts and bodies, fender-guard, etc.
4.  Construction materials: fire and water-proof materials, processed asphaltum, high-level road pavement, concrete repair materials.
5. Encapsulation material: transformer filling material ,electric encapsulation material, electric encapsulation materials.
6. Glass steel products: glass steel furniture, boats, etc.
7. Space or military products: explosives, invisible paints for planes, ships and even soldiers, heat and compression insulating compounds, deep-water submarine.700/mt .
Excellent Features8
1) High refractoriness
2) Qualitative light
3) High hardness and high strength
4) Insulated non-conductive
5) Particle size and large specific surface area
6)Reduced Raw Materials Cost
7)Improved Flow ability
8)Reduced Resin Demand
9)Improved Insulation Values
10)Reduced End Product Weight
11)Resistant to Resin Absorption
1) Rrfractoriness thermal insulation material
2) Construction materials
3)  Petroleum industry
4)  Insulation material
5)  Coating material
6)  Spaceflight and space exploration
7)  Plastic industry
Packing Details
1)in 20kg paper bags,then in big bags or on pallets.
2)in 400,500,600,650 or 1000kg big bags.
3)according to your requirement.
Physical Propertie CompositionSiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 SO3 Ca O Mg O K2O Na2O Content % 56-62  33-38 2-40.1-0.20.2-0.4 0.8-1.2 0.5-1.1 0.3-0.9
Specification ProgramTest indexProgramTest indexShapeHigh fluidity ball powderParticle size(μm)10-400ColorLight off-whiteSpecific resistance(Ω CM)1010-1013Real density0.5-0.8Moh's Hardness6-7Bulk density(g/m3)0.3-0.5PH(water dispersion)6Refractoriness °C750Melting point ≥1400Thermal conductivity0.000903-0.0015Thermal conductivity(w/m·k)0.054-0.095Compressive strength(M pa)≥350Refractive Index1.54Burning lost rate1.33Oil absorption g(oil)/g0.68-0.69

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