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High Density Oil Fracture Proppant
- Mar 10, 2018 -

High Density Oil Fracture Proppant Basic Info

Product Description

  • Proppants Application: Oil Product

  • Origin: China

Oil proppant is the key material in low-permeability fracturing of oil and gas wells exploration. This products are used in the construction of deep well fracturing, be filled to the low permeability of the rock deposit in the cracks, fracturing close to the high oil recovery operations, so that oil and gas cracked rock, support for propping fractures not to close because of releasing force, thereby to maintain the high conductivity of oil and gas, not only can increase the oil and gas production output, also can extend the oil and gas wells' length of service.

Our oil Proppant are divided into 52Mpa (105KN), 69Mpa (140KN), and 86Mpa impuritie (174KN) three series according to the anti-crushing strength, according to bulk density are divided into: Low-density, medium density, high-density. Product specifications are: 12-18 mesh, 12-20 mesh, 16-20 mesh, 16-30 mesh, 20-40 mesh between 30-50 mesh, 40-60 mesh, 40-70 mesh and so on.

High strength oil fracture proppant physical and chemical properties sheet (Standard oil and natural gas of the People's Republic of China 3Y using standard SY/T5108-2006).

High Density Oil Fracture Proppant SpecificationBulk Density (g/cm3)Apparent Density (g/cm3)Close Pressure (Mpa)Percentage Of Crushing(%)Sphericity Roundness
High Density 16Mesh-30Mesh>1.80>3.3569≤ 18.0>0.8
High Density 20Mesh-40Mesh>1.80>3.3552≤ 5.0>0.8
High Density 30Mesh-50Mesh>1.80>3.3569≤ 5.0>0.8

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