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High Crushing Strength Oil & Gas Frac Ceramic Proppant Sand
- Dec 16, 2017 -

High Crushing Strength Oil & Gas Frac Ceramic Proppant Sand Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: 20/40mesh

  • Application: Used in Oil and Gas Wells Exploration

  • Proppants Color: Black

  • Type: Ceramic Balls

  • Material: Alumina Ceramic

  • Proppants Density: Middle Density Low Density

  • Proppants Specification: ISO9001: 2008

  1. High crushing strength
    2. Good permeability
    3. High conductivity
    4. Low solubility
    5. High quality and competitive price
    High strength ceramic proppant

    The oil fracture proppant is one kind of ceramic pellet product, has very high compression fracture intensity, mainly used for supporting fissure of stratum fracturing transformation of deep oil and gas field, increasing output of the petroleum and natural gas. It is the environmental protection product.

    This product takes advantage of high quality bauxite and many other kinds of raw material, by the ceramic agglutination. It is substitute of the natural quartz sand, the bulb, the metal bass and many low intensity proppant products.

    We know that Quality is the basis for further development. It's critical for competition. It's our endless pursuit. It's the starting point of value and dignity. We are the best seller in the field in China.、

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