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High Performance Hollow Glass Microspheres
- Jun 13, 2017 -

High Performance Hollow Glass Microspheres Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Material:Soda Lime Borosilicate Glass

  • Type:Structured Packing

High Performance Hollow Glass Microspheres Product Description

High-performance hollow glass microsphere is a kind of ultra-lightweight inorganicnon-metallic material with hollow structure. It's a versatile and high performance new lightweight material developed in recent years. Its true density is 0.15-0.60g/cm3, with 2-120um in diameter. It owns geatures with light weight, large bulky, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, smoothly mobility etc.

After years of research and development, our Group has developed a variety of high performance hollow glass microspheres with different size, density and intensity. We are now one of the few manufacturers in the world and the exclusive manufacturer in China.

Following is our product series. From the list, you can find our products have almost the same performance as that from world top manufacturers, however, you will be surprised to find that our price is nearly half of them

High Performance Hollow Glass Microspheres Taking the advantage of stable high performance and low price, we are now the most competitive supplier in the field. Beside that, we are also open to customized requirements, such as quantity and packing etc. Now many uses turn to choose us as their long term supplier.

Since we are mainly specialized in manufacturing, we are also looking for wordwide sales agent to help us explore the market.

Type Color Particle's diameter um True density g/cm3 Pressure resistance Mpa
 T15  White   2-120  0.15 1.5-2 
 T20  White   2-120  0.20  3-4
 T25  White   2-120  0.25  5-7
 T32  White   2-90  0.32  12-15
 T40  White   2-85  0.40  28-33
 T46  White   2-80  0.46  38-42
 T60  White   2-65  0.60  >60

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