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Grey White Cenospheres / Fly Ash for Oil Drilling
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Grey White Cenospheres / Fly Ash for Oil Drilling Basic Info

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Name: Cenosphere

  • Microspheres Origin: China

  • Color: White or Gray

  • Size: 40-60mesh, 80-120mesh, 150-200mesh

  • Microspheres Specification: SGS

  • HS Code: 6815999000

Grey White Cenospheres / Fly Ash for Oil Drilling Product Description

Name: Cenosphere
Surface: Gray or White
Material: Fly ash
Size: 40-60Mesh, 80-120Mesh, 150-200Mesh, 200Mesh
Main Content: SiO2 56%-62% Al2O3 33%-38%
Usage: Refractory Materials, Building Materials, Oil Materials, Paint Industry, Insulation Materials, Plastics Industry, Aerospace and space development, FRP products and so on.

1. Grey White Cenospheres / Fly Ash for Oil Drilling Introduction:
Cenospheres are hollow silicate micro-spheres extracted from the fly ash generated in coal-fired power plants. They are in white or light gray color and have a particle size from 20 to 500 microns.
They have excellent fluidity as well as sound, electric and heat insulation, cenospheres are a filler used to replace minerals and resins where the benefits may be as diverse as weight reduction, improved thermal insulation, reduced shrinkage, improved fire resistance or simply easier application.

2.Grey White Cenospheres / Fly Ash for Oil Drilling  Cenosphere Advantage:
1) Excellent fluidity
In hollow micro-spherical shape and with size from 20 to 500micron, cenospheres can improve Fluidity of filler and make it easier to be used.
2) Heat-insulating and sound-insulating
Lower conductivity makes it widely used in producing heat-insulation and sound-insulation materials and Equipments.
3) Chemical stability
Chemical features (alumina silicate) of cenospheres can maintain their integrity while they are utilized in Water, organic chemicals acid, alkali and other solvents.
4) High refractoriness
Cenospheres have a high refractoriness. It can still keep a good stability while being heated over 1000C.
5) High Strength
Cenospheres are three to ten times stronger than most man-made hollow glass spheres. Unlike glass spheres, Cenospheres can produce a higher compressive strength due to a stronger outer shell.
6) Lower cost
Cenospheres have an advantage in cost compared with other fillers and man-aade micro spheres.

3.Grey White Cenospheres / Fly Ash for Oil Drilling Applications:
Widely used in building material, plastics, oil field, paint&coating, automobile, air craft etc.

Grade No.: TX Grade TS Grade TS-F Grade
Al 2 O 3 27%min. 35-45%
(typically 39%)
(typically 39%)
Fe 2 O 3 3%max. 2%max. 2%max.
Floating Rate: 95%min. 95%min. 95%min.
Size: -300micron 98%min. -300micron 98%min. -150micron 97%min.
Bulk Density: 0.33-0.45g/cc
(typically 0.38g/cc)
(typically 0.38g/cc)
(typically 0.38g/cc)
Specific Density: 0.7-0.9g/cc 0.7-0.85g/cc 0.7-0.85g/cc
Moisture: 0.5%max. 0.5%max. 0.5%max.
Color: light grey white white

Grey White Cenospheres / Fly Ash for Oil Drilling.jpg