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Glass Microspheres Microsphere Bubble Bead Beads
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Glass Microspheres Microsphere Bubble Bead Beads Basic Info

  • Model NO.: glass bead

  • Microspheres Appearance: Beads

  • Main Raw Material: Boron Silicate Materials

  • Certification: ISO9001

  • Chemical Name: Glass Beads

  • Application: Road Marking Paint

  • Application 1: Applying in Paving Road

  • OEM: Yes

  • Microspheres Special Application: Coating Beads

  • Usage: Road Marking Paint, Reflective Paint

  • Glass Microspheres Microsphere Bubble Bead Beads Method: Roller

  • Level: Primer

  • Substrate: Road

  • Reflection Index: 1.5-1.93

  • Glass Microspheres Microsphere Bubble Bead Beads Standard: BS6088, Aasho,Pre-Mix Type etc

  • Free Sample: Below 400g

  • MOQ: 1000kgs

  • Shipment: Within 15days After Order Confirmed.

  • Microspheres Specification: industrial grade

  • HS Code: 7018

Glass Microspheres Microsphere Bubble Bead Beads Product Description

Glass Bead
glass beads
Glass Microsphere
glass microspheres

About Glass beads/Microspheres, we have many grades. Such as:
1, Glass beads/Microspheres;
2, Hollow Glass beads/Microspheres;
3, Hollow Ceramic beads/Microspheres;
4, Highlight glass beads/Microspheres; 
5, Aluminum beads/Microspheres.

Glass Microspheres Microsphere Bubble Bead Beads.jpg

Product nameDescriptionPotential ApplicationsPackage 
Glass beads/
Solid glass beads round bead is a kind of tiny glass,
 microscope glittering and translucent and bright,
 reflective material of glass beads for road marking, 
has been confirmed for the national traffic department.
Road marking paint,
Metal cleaning and polishing etc.
25kgs/plastic woven bag.
Hollow glass 
As lightweight fillers, 
hollow glass microspheres,
 also called glass bubbles, 
are totally different from solid glass beads.
material: sodalime borosilicate
true density: 0.15g/cc to 0.6g/cc.
Thermal insulation coating, 
putty, glass fiber reinforced 
plastic, golf etc...
Large cardboard box 
with inner polythylene bag
outer dimension: 
1150 x 1150 x 1050mm (height)
volume: 1 cubic meter
Ceramic beads
Also referred to as cenospheres,
 Hollow ceramic microspheres
 are by-products separated
 from pulverized fuel ash 
true density: 0.28-1.15 g/cc
particle size range: 45-600 microns
color: gray, light gray, offwhite
Hollow ceramicbeads 
as filling agent, has high strength, 
high temperature resistant, heat preservation,
 heat insulation, sound insulation,
 light weight, wear-resisting
 and so on many advantages. 
Application field is very wide.
3.2mts/1x20'gp without pallet.
glass beads
Production of high-refraction glass beads
 is the core component of reflective material,
 barium titanium oxide is a synthetic glass. 
Gravity 4.2±0.1, refractive index ND1.93 ± 0.02.
 (Proportion of 2.7 ordinary silica glass,
 the refractive index of 1.52).
ensure personal safety 
are widely used in road safety,
 cloth fabric, ports, fire, 
mining, marine, transportation, 
etc. area.
25kgs/paper drum.
Aluminum beads
This product Nd1.93 hemisphere 
of uniform glass beads coated 
with a layer of aluminum film, 
can greatly improve the light reflection intensity. 
mainly used to produce reflective coating, 
advertising light boxes, reflective plastic, 
and other adverse materials.
25kgs/paper drum.