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Glass Microspheres for Road
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Glass Microspheres for Road Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Appearance:Powder

  • Color:White

  • HS Code:7018200000

Glass Microspheres for Road Product Description

Pre-mixing reflective glass microsphere could be added to the road marking paint to improve the road striping's retroreflection effect at night. The glass microsphere are mixed with the marking paint as per a specialized mix proportion. When a car's headline beam shines on a striping which integrates qualified glass microsphere, with the glass microsphere' reflective characteristic, the striping seems to light up and gets much better visible at night, which gives drivers a safer night driving condition.

Standard of Transportaion Ministry,PRC
GB/T 24722-2009
glass beads sizing modelpercentage composition
sizing(μm)ieve mesh number%
600  min.30 min.0

Glass Microspheres for Road.jpg