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Glass Beads Balls Bubbles Sphere Microspheres
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Glass Beads Balls Bubbles Sphere Microspheres Basic Info

  • Model NO.: ELT-A

  • Material: Glassbead

  • Application: Road Marking Paint

  • Reflective Material Type: Reflective Lattice

  • Reflection Index: 1.5-1.93

  • Type: Road Reflective Material

  • Specification: ASSHTO M-247

  • HS Code: 7018

Glass Beads Balls Bubbles Sphere Microspheres Product Description

Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres

We have different grade glass beads:
1, normal glass beads with reflective index 1.50
2, middle glass beads with reflective index 1.70
3, high glass beads with reflective index 1.93
4, hollow glass beads
5, griding glass beads

Glass beads/glass microsphere Specification:

Appearance: Clean, apparent, no obvious impurity
Reflection Index:                    1.5-1.61
Gravity:                                  2.4-2.6g/cm3
Composition:                         Sodium lime glass composition
SiO2 content:                        > 62%
Roundness:                           > 80%
Hardness (Moh's):                 5.5

1, Specification of Glass Beads for Road Marking
( EN1423 EN1424 BS6088A BS6088B, AASHTO I M247 etc...)

Glass Beads Balls Bubbles Sphere Microspheres Usage: Glass Beads for Road Marking / Pavement Marking can improve visibility of the traffic markings and road signs and supply safer night driving conditions. When driving at night, the headlights light on the graticule of glass microsphere, the glass microsphere can make the light of car-light to reflect parallel, and make the driver distinguish the direction in order to improve driving safety. For glass microsphere of various gradations, when the top big sphere is worn, the appeared bottom small sphere can be used continuously.

There are two Grades: Grade A & Grade B and high refractive index Glass Beads available:
Grade A, used to be mixed with the paint prior to stripping the road. As the paint layers wear, the beads are exposed giving the enhanced visibility of road markings.
Grade B, used to be dropped on the freshly stripped paint surface on the road to give immediate enhanced visibility to night drivers. Grade B product is generally used.

Other usage glass beads
1, Glass bead for Metal Cleaning and Polishing
The glass microsphere made from sodium lime glass has good chemical stability, certain mechanical strength and hardness. Therefore, it is more superior to be used as abrasive material than to be used as other abrasive material.

2, Glass bead for deluxe photoetch decoration, filler and reinforcement.
It is used in chemical industry. It is used as filler and reinforcement of glass microsphere in production. Generally speaking, glass microsphere is widely used, with strong usability. New technological field will be developed constantly.

3, Coated Glass Microsphere

On the premises of producing common glass microsphere, the factory developed coating technology. The coated glass microsphere is
A new product of glass microsphere develoed in recent years, which is used for road graticule surface spreading. With the excellent charcteristics, the great majority of users have paid much attention to it.

Glass surface coating is not easy to be eroded. In the process of storage and usage, glass microsphere whose surface is easy to be moisture is in humid atmosphere, It leads to light scattering, and therefore influences the direct reflection.

No. Diameter(um) Sieve Mesh Number Content Proportion(%)
1 >850 20 Screening0
850-600 20-30 Screening5-30
600-300 30-50 Screening30-80
300-106 50-140 Screening10-40
<106 <140 Screening0-5
2 >600 >30 Screening0
600-300 30-50 Screening40-90
300-150 50-100 Screening5-60
<150 <100 Screening0-5

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