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Glass Microspheres for Road Marking
- May 29, 2017 -

Glass Microspheres for Road Marking Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Appearance:Powder

  • Color:White

  • HS Code:7018200000

Glass Microspheres for Road Marking Product Description

The surface-spreading reflective glass microsphere is used to spreading on the paint surface before the paint gets solidified when marking the road stripe. By the gravitational action, part of the glass microsphere would immerge into the paint and get embedded after the paint solidification, and the stripe' s reflection index can be improved.

Standard of Transportaion Ministry,PRC
GB/T 24722-2009
glass beads sizing modelpercentage composition
sizing(μm)ieve mesh number%
850 min.20 min.0

Glass Microspheres for Road Marking.jpg