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Glass Microspheres for Polishing
- Apr 13, 2017 -

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Appearance:Powder

  • Color:White

  • HS Code:7018200000

Product Description
Compared with other blasting materials, the blasting glass microsphere have some more advantages as below: More service life except for metal blasting material, Good chemical stability and no contamination to the processed items cause they are made from non-alkaline soda lime glass, easily been cleaned and on effect on the item' s process precision.
Characteristic: Appearance: Round shape, clean, transparency and non-impurity, Refractive index: 1.51~1.64, Proportion: 2.4~2.6g/ cm3Composition: Soda lime glass with the SiO2 content of 68 percent, Spherical microsphere percentage: ≥ 90%

1. Made from high grade soda lime glass dedicated for blasting glass microsphere, ≥ 68% sio2 content, 6~7 Mohs hardness, better mechanical intension and tenacity, non-breakable, 3 times longer of usage life than the normal glass beads, can be reused for several times.
2. ≥ 90% spherical microsphere percentage, uniform granularity. More uniform the beads are, more equal force would be bear by surface of the processed item, which can also reduce the rate of the crushed beads and prolong their usage life. After blasted by the beads, the surface of the metal has a uniform brightness index and no watermark left.
3. The round shape, smooth spherical surface and non- impurity properties get the beads a well finish, what could maintain the processing precision level. The testing methods of the beads are so strict which can satisfy the domestic and international standards.

Product application Surface Dumb-gloss treatment for stainless steel product, Clean up for all kinds of model products, Eliminate internal stress and increase the fatigue life of the work piece, Clean and root off stings before tinning for plastic packing and connecting of semiconductor parts Strengthening or decorating Polish for the medical instruments, weaving machine and various hardware. Clean and root off stings for metal pipes and colored metal precision casting pieces.
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