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Glass Bead Close To Life
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Glass beads and is closely related to people's lives, people often seen in life, let us know it's usefulness in life.

Glass beads can be divided into mechanical applications, such as precision machinery applications, decorative and many other types. Glass beads are used in high-precision machinery, is generally to use glass beads to remove internal dirt and rusted parts, which do not damage the internal structure and cleaning machinery.

Reflective glass beads are and people's daily lives of glass beads, reflective glass beads is mainly used in road marking, reflective glass beads and paint integration after use, to passers by in every angle clearly discern the position of underline, travel convenience and security for the people.

Decorative glass bead for glass bead is a characteristic and processed into color jewelry, some being applied to artificial agate, and some are used in decorative colored glass beads, glass beads, and so on.