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Fracturing Proppant for Oil Field
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Fracturing Proppant for Oil Field Basic Info

Product Description

  • Proppants Color: Black

  • Type: Ceramic Particles

  • Ceramic: Particles

  • Proppants Usage: Deep Well Fracturing and High Pressure Oil and Gas

  • Application: Base Oil

Fracturing Proppant for Oil Field Product Description

  Fracturing proppant is a ceramic particle product with high fracturing strength, mainly used for oilfield underground support, in order to increase the production of oil and gas, which belongs to environmental protection products. This product use high quality bauxite and other raw materials, ceramic sintering, is a natural quartz sand, glass beads, metal ball low strength proppant alternatives, to increase production of petroleum and natural gas has good effect. Petroleum and natural gas in deep mining, deposits of low permeability after fracturing treatment after high closure pressure, the rock burst of oil and gas, oil and gas from the cracks in the channel formed from a. With ceramic support materials with high pressure solution into the strata filling in rock fissures, to support the fissure for stress release closed, thereby maintaining high conductivity, so that oil and gas flow, increase production. Practice has proved that the use of ceramic proppant fracturing wells can increase the yield of 3050%, can prolong the service life of oil and gas wells.
Main Uses
Fracturing proppant can be widely used in deep well fracturing of oil and gas pressure. With the high quality bauxite as main raw material after crushing and ground into a fine powder with various additives, repeated kneading, granulation, and polishing. High temperature sintering, the product has advantages of high compressive strength, low density, good spherical degree, bright and clean degree high, diversion ability strong. By Langfang Branch of Research Institute of petroleum exploration and development support evaluation of laboratory testing, the performance indicators fully meet the SY/T5108-2006 SY/T6302-1997 standard currently in the leading level.
Fracturing Proppant for Oil Field Product Category
1, according to the anti fragmentation were 52MPa (7500psi), 69MPa (10000psi) and 86MPa (12500psi), 102MPa (15000psi) four series.
2, according to the volume density is divided into: low density, medium density and high density.

3, according to the specifications are: 12-20 μ, 16-20 μ, 16-30 μ, 20-40 μ, 30-50 μ, 40-60 μ, 40-70 μ, 70-100 μ etc..

In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign oil and gas wells, the user can according to the depth of an oil well, with different intensity and different specifications of the products.

1. What's the loading port?
Usually , we export the goods from Qingdao seaport which is 200 Km from our factory .
2.  Do you have export authority?
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