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Frac Proppant Sand
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Frac Proppant Sand Basic Info

Product Description

  • Type: Hydraulic Fracture

  • Proppants Application: Hydraulic Fracture

Frac Proppant Sand Application
It has the features of high compressive strength, low bulk density, good sphericity and strong conductivity. After using this product, oil-gas wells can improve gravel grade, reduce construction friction, and strengthen manufacturing sewing ability so that it can increase oil production and extend service life of oil wells, so it is the best product for oil-gas wells in the deep place to fracture and change the layer cracks.
And USD in low-permeability fracturing of oil and gas wells' exploration. This products are used in the construction of deep well fracturing, be filled to the low permeability deposit in the crack of rock stratum, in order to crack the rock of oil and gas, and propping the fractures not to be closed because of the released force when extracting oil by high closed fracturing, thereby to maintain the high conductivity of oil and gas, not only can increase the oil and gas production output, also can extend the oil and gas wells' length of service.

Type low density ceramic gravel Medium ceramic gravel High ceramic gravel  
Specification 0.425-0.85mm 0.425-0.85mm 0.425-0.85mm  
Breakage rate % 40Mpa less than 8 - -
  52Mpa 5.39 2.34 3.60
  69Mpa - 4.89 3.70
Sieve analysis acceptability % 99.51 99.85 98.88  
Bulk density g/cm3 1.58 1.73 1.83  
Apparent density g/cm3 2.74 3.0 3.10  
Roundness 0.9 0.9 0.9  
Sphericity 0.9 0.9 0.9  
Turbidity 64.83 51.83 65.67  
Acid solubility % 5.1 5.5 4.8  
Flow conductivity um cm 10 Mpa 161.18 176.92 170.83
  20Mpa 132.05 151.57 146.50
  30Mpa 11.28 128.91 119.0
  40Mpa 91.58 103.84 95.28
  50Mpa 68.68 83.99 77.08
  60Mpa 49.29 64.92 56.98

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