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Five Major Uses Of Glass Beads
- Mar 22, 2017 -

1, glass beads are mainly used for roads at room temperature and hot melt road marking paint. Both premixed and surface spreading, premixed glass beads mixed in the production of thermoplastic road paint in paint, can guarantee long-term reflective road marking within the life time.

Another can be strewn in the road marking construction in marking reflective effect on the surface. Surface treatment of glass micro-beads, used in road marking construction, can greatly improve the adhesion of thermoplastic road marking glass beads, enhance the refractive index of road marking and self-cleaning, anti stain, moisture and other uses. Glass bead for road use to improve antagonistic performance of coatings, improve the safety of drivers at night.

2, used in industrial blasting and additive effects of glass beads in metal surface and mold on the surface, without damaging the surface and improve the accuracy of the workpiece. Used in metal-metal, plastic, jewellery, precision casting cleaning and polishing of objects. Is commonly used in high-end finishing materials at home and abroad.

3, glass beads are still in medical equipment, nylon, rubber, plastics, aerospace and other fields as a new material has been widely used. Such as additive, enhancing agent.

4, handicraft and colored glass beads glass beads, glass sand, clothing prints, apparel heat transfer, Christmas tree decoration, artificial fruit, artificial flowers crafts surface decoration, ideal material for manufacturing hourglass sand!

5, high refractive index glass beads are reflective fabric, reflective coatings, chemical coatings, advertising material and clothing materials, reflective, reflective fabric, reflective signage marking, runway, shoes, hats, bags, air rescue supplies, personnel wearing the required material for products such as nocturnal.

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