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Durant Lightweight 40/70 Ceramic Proppant
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Durant Lightweight 40/70 Ceramic Proppant Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: LSP 40/70

  • Kind: Drilling Fluid

  • Durant Lightweight 40/70 Ceramic Proppant Appearance: Granulars

  • Application: Lubricant Additives, Composite Additive, Waste Oil And Crude Oil Additives

Durant Ceramic proppant has high intensity of fracturing and is mainly used for underground support to increase production of oil and gas. When carrying oil and gas deep well drilling, the proppant along with the high-pressure solution are fissured into the crack of rock stratum propping the fractures not be closed, thereby to maintain the high conductivity of oil and gas and increase production. Our company takes advance of local unique high-quality bauxite resources. After crushing, grinding, pelleting and high temperature sintering, high temperature and pressure resistance ceramic proppant was made with strong strength and excellent conductivity, which services well to oil exploration and natural gas fracturing.<o:p>
According to the volume density is divided into: low density high strength, medium density high strength and lightweight high strength According to the fracturing strength ,our products can be classified as :52 Mpa (7500psi), 69Mpa (10000psi), 86Mpa (12500psi)and 103Mpa (15000psi),We also have different particle sizes as follows:6/12, 8/16, 12/18, 12/20, 16/20, 16/30, 20/40, 30/50, 30/60, 40/60, 40/70, 70/140 etc.<o:p>
We can also produce ceramic proppant according to customer's requirements.<o:p>

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