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Ceramic Fracture Proppant for Oil and Gas Drilling
- May 07, 2017 -

Proppants Product Detail

Proppants Product Description
WANLI ceramic proppant adopts high-purity raw material, processed by ball grinding mill, spraying pelletization after mixing uniformity of powder, then sintered by the rotary kiln. Our proppant features superior thermal stability, high pressure resistance, erosion resistance and high conductivity, satisfying the demands of oil mining in different conditions. Our products have successively passed tests of the authentication of Reservoir Stimulation Laboratory of RIPED-Langfang PetroChina, Stim-Lab and Frac-Tech Lab. Our products have been widely used in major oil & gas fields at home and abroad and well accepted by customers and investigation groups of Russia, Kazakhstan, the United States, Canada, Brazil, etc.

Our oil ceramic proppant can be classified as follows:

By compression strength: 52MPa(7500psi), 69MPa(10000psi), 86MPa(12500psi), 103MPa(15000psi).

By bulk density: Light density, medium density and high density.

By specifications: 6-12mesh, 8-16mesh, 12-18mesh, 12-20mesh, 16-20mesh, 16-30mesh, 20-40mesh, 30-50mesh, 30-60mesh, 40-60mesh, 40-70mesh, 70-140mesh, etc.

Ceramic Fracture Proppant for Oil and Gas Drilling