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Apply Glass Beads Crafts
- Mar 22, 2017 -

First, with reflective road marking glass beads

Used to improve the performance of retroreflective pavement marking paint, the car when driving at night, lights on a line with glass beads, of lights can be parallel to reflected light, enables the driver to see the way forward direction, improve driving safety at night.

After the glass beads coated, better coupling and paint, and resist moisture, gloss. Adaptation in rainy, foggy, humid areas.

Second, suitable for metal cleaning and polishing plastics, peening, rubber, paints and composites of chemical products such as additives, enhancement glass micro-beads.

Three, applies to crafts production, lighting, luxury finishing decoration or screen produced high white glass beads.

Four, glass bead, use a very wide range, is constantly expanding the scope of use, in addition to the above requirements, can also be customized according to user needs, between the 16 mesh to 325 mesh, different size, different glass beads can also be supplied to the user color glass beads and glass beads.

Blasting glass beads are widely used for residual strain or cyclical treatment of surface pressure, stress, achieve the objective surface hardening. Using a shot glass bead reinforced surface, can reduce surface erosion or surface fatigue and other potential dangers. Surface treatment using a blasting glass beads are very economical and precise control.