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Application Of Glass Beads In Exterior Wall Thermal Insulation
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Now use of glass beads are mainly used for exterior wall thermal insulation material flammability grade a, may be resistant to 1000 degrees moderate temperature, makes up the existing organic poison gas produced by high temperature flammable insulation material defects. Glass beads are widely used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, and many other areas:

1, lightweight concrete aggregate;

2, building insulation materials;

3, insulation materials;

4, fill material used for electrical switching equipment and insulating material.

Glass bead is a perlite forged a new kind of insulation mineral ingredients on the market, most of them are used as thermal insulation mortar, glass bead heat preservation effect homogeneously fine granular outer layer of glass, can effectively prevent the infiltration of water.

Glass bead is an inorganic vitreous mineral material, is made up of volcanic rocks smashing into iron ore, cooked processed from specially extruded, irregular spheroidal particles within the cavity, surface glass closed, physical and chemical properties of stability, with lightweight, fireproof, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, low water absorption characteristics. Alternative fly ash floating beads, glass beads, ordinary expanded perlite, polystyrene particles and other traditional application of lightweight aggregate in different products, is an environmentally-friendly high-performance inorganic light-weight thermal insulation material.