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Aluminum Coated Glass Microspheres
- Jul 06, 2017 -

Aluminum Coated Glass Microspheres Basic Info

  • Model NO.: No

  • Material: Glassbead

  • Size: 60-80um

  • Transport Package: Paper Drum

  • Origin: China

  • Reflective Material Type: Glassbeads

  • Application: Road Safety

  • Specification: 25kgs/drum

Aluminum Coated Glass Microspheres Product Description

Aluminum coated glass beads are regular ones that have been hemispherically coated with a thin aluminum shell. Under a microscope, each individual microparticle can be seen to be a half coated sphere.
Hemispherical aluminum coated glass microspheres, offered in partially aluminum coated retro-reflective version, are excellent for use as a functional retro reflective additive to addition into transparent paints and coatings. Spheres with sizes of about 40-80 microns mean diameter provide a small enough size for most coatings while offering a large enough size to reflective a significant amount of light.
It can be widely used in roads, ports, mining, fire and other fields. As a safety signs, greatly improving the user's safety and reliability. The hemispherical aluminum coated glass beads are playing an important roll in various fields like screen printing, reflective paint, reflective inks, traffic signs, reflective materials.

Aluminum Coated Glass Microspheres Package:
Cardboard barrel(1.98± 0.05kg, Hight: 260± 2mm, Outer diameter: 250± 2mm), won't deform at room temperature.
Transparent PE bag: 460mm*600mm
Desiccant: 10g/barrel

Aluminum Coated Glass Microspheres Delivery:
Within 3 days for in-stock order, 4-7days for customized size ranges or volume.

Why our factory?
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Why our glass microspheres?
I. High reflection performance
II. Good sphericity
III. Environmental friendly, Free of Eight Heavy Metals
IV. High resistance to oxidation

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