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Aluminized Coated Grey Glass Microspheres
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Aluminized Coated Grey Glass Microspheres Basic Info

  • Model NO.: No

  • Material: Glassbead

  • Color: Grey

  • Transport Package: Paper Drum

  • Reflective Material Type: Aluminum

  • Application: Retro-reflective Markings of Carriage

  • Origin: China

Aluminized Coated Grey Glass Microspheres Product Description

Glass beads provide the refractivity in such products as traffic paint, signs, fabric, and tape. All glass beads are manufactured exclusively from selected raw material. Increasing brightness is achieved through the use of micro glass beads embedded in these back material. When millions of the reflective spheres are embedded in the back material, they shine brightly under headlights, making the fabric or signs more visible than the ordinary ones. The size is customized by your requirements or as our experienced proportions.

Aluminized Coated Grey Glass Microspheres Packaging & Shipping
Package: Cardboard barrel(1.98± 0.05kg, Hight: 260± 2mm, Outer diameter: 250± 2mm), won't deform at room temperature.
Transparent PE bag: 460mm*600mm
Desiccant: 10g/barrel
Delivery: Within 3 days for goods in stock, 4-7days for customized goods

Aluminized Coated Grey Glass Microspheres.jpg