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30/50 Mesh Oil Used Ceramic Proppant
- Nov 25, 2017 -

30/50 Mesh Oil Used Ceramic Proppant Basic Info

Product Description

  • Type: Ceramic Sand

  • Size: 80-200 Mesh

  • Raw Material: Bauxite, Kaolin

  • Authentication: API Q1

  • Test Report of UK: Frac Tech Test Report

  • Proppants Production Ability: 210, 000mt/Yr

  • HS Code: 6914900000

  • Application: Oil&Gas Fracturing

  • Product: Ceramic Proppant

  • Proppants Usage: Petroleum Additives

  • Test Report of USA: Stim-Lab Test Report

  • Density: Low, Medium, High

  • Proppants Model: 52mpa 69mpa, 86mpa

    Ceramic proppant is the key material in low-permeability fracturing of oil and gas wells' exploration. This product is used in the construction of deep well fracturing. Ceramic Proppant is filled to the low permeability deposit in the crack of rock stratum, in order to crack the rock of oil and gas, and propping the fractures not to be closed because of the released force when extracting oil by high closed fracturing, thereby to maintain the high conductivity of oil and gas.

30/50 Mesh Oil Used Ceramic Proppant Advantage:
1)Supplier of Weatherford and EOG.
2) More than 10 years working experience
3) First-class service, high quality proppants and most competitive price
4) Local bauxite raw material
5) Participate in DUG America and Canada global oil and gas exhibition

Product: ceramic proppant
Application: Oil and gas fracturing
Raw material: Bauxite, kaolin
Usage: Petroleum Additives
Authentication: API Q1
Test Report of USA: Stim-Lab test report
Test Report of UK: Frac Tech test report
Density: Low, medium, high
Production Ability: 210,000mt/yr
Model: 52Mpa 69Mpa, 86Mpa
No. 20120416-24

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