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20/40 Mesh Oil & Gas Fracturing Ceramic Proppant
- Jan 11, 2018 -

20/40 Mesh Oil & Gas Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Basic Info

Product Description

  • Type: Ceramic Sand

  • Proppants Raw Material: Bauxite, Kaolin

  • Authentication: API Q1

  • Test Report of UK: Frac Tech Test Report

  • Production Ability: 210, 000mt/Yr

  • Proppants HS Code: 6914900000

  • Application: Oil and Gas Fracturing

  • Usage: Petroleum Additives

  • Proppants Test Report of USA: Stim-Lab Test Report

  • Density: Low, Medium, High

  • Proppants Model: 52mpa 69mpa, 86mpa

    2. Type: Fracturing Ceramic Proppant
    3. Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
    4. Application: Oil and gas fracturing
    5. 20/40 Mesh Oil & Gas Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Material: Alumina Ceramic
    6. Density: Light-weight, Medium Density, High Density
    7. Standards: SY/T5108-2006, SY/T6302-1997
    8. 20/40 Mesh Oil & Gas Fracturing Ceramic Proppant Authentications: ISO9001: 2008
    9. Test Reports: Stim-Lab test report, Frac-Tech laboratories test report, Ceramic Proppant Evaluation Lab in Langfang Branch of PetroChina
    10. Model Number: 20-40, 30-50, 40-70, etc
    11. We can also produce ceramic proppants of different specifications according to clients' particular requirements.

    We provide 24 hours service.

    Application: Oil and gas fracturing
    Raw material: Bauxite, kaolin
    Usage: Petroleum Additives
    Authentication: API Q1
    Test Report of USA: Stim-Lab test report
    Test Report of UK:  Frac Tech test report
    Density: Low, medium, high
    Production Ability: 210,000mt/yr
    Model: 52Mpa 69Mpa, 86Mpa
    No. 20120319-23

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