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Filler Hollow Glass Microspheres or Beads or Bubbles for Putty and Artificial Wood or Marbles

Hollow glass microspheres(HGS) is a non-porous, hollow positive sphere. Its wall thickness is only 1-3 micro meters.

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Product Details

Brand Name: Zhongke Yali

CAS NO.: 65997-17-3

Appearance: White fine powder

Application: heat insulation

Model number: H20, H30, H36, H38, H42, H46, H60

True density: 0.15-0.60 g/cm3

Thermal conductivity: 0.043-0.200W/m K

Color: white

Packing:  Cartons or as customer’s requirement


Delivery: 3-7 days against payment and quantity.

Descriptions: Hollow glass microspheres(HGS) is a non-porous, hollow positive sphere. Its wall thickness is only 1-3 micro meters. There is very thin Nitrogen and CO2 inside. HGS is excellent heat insulation material because of its characters, such as light weight, high strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, isolation and steady physical chemical property and so on. The heat insulation material filled of HSG is widely applied in putty, heating insulation paint coating, automotive chassis armor, oil pipeline and storage tank for chemicals, benefiting from its good constructability, excellent heat insulation. 

As heat insulation filler, hollow glass microsphere can be used as the substitution of normal fillers such as calcium carbonate, kaolin, French chalk and so on.

Hollow glass microspheres contain gas inside, so it has a good contractility resistance to hot and cold, thus enhancing the flexibility of coating, greatly reducing the cracking and peeling of the coating due to thermal expansion and contraction.

Hollow glass microspheres can effectively enhance the fluidity and smoothness of coating.

The vitrified surface of glass microspheres can realize the chemical corrosion resistant, and reflection on light. Therefore, the painting coating can prevent from fouling, corrosion, UV, yellowing and scratching etc.

Attention: The lower density of HGS is, the better heat insulation is, but the less strength is, the larger particle size is. It’s very important to choose the most suitable type hollow glass microsphere against the product’s feature.

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