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Rubber shoe filler of hollow glass microspheres used
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Hollow glass microspheres as a spherical, hollow, light particles, wear resistance strong, drug-free, self-lubricating, dispersion, mobility, good stability, low thermal conductivity, shrinkage, high strength, insulation, water resistance, acid and alkali, electric insulation, thermal stability and other characteristics, has a very wide range of uses.

With light weight and large volume, low thermal conductivity, high strength, good dispersibility, fluidity and stability advantages. Also with insulation, lubrication, noise, does not absorb water, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, radiation, toxic and other nice features. This product can be directly filled in most types of thermosetting and thermoplastic resin products, to reduce the weight of goods, decreased costs, and eliminate stress within the product guarantee dimensional stability, progressive resistance, impact resistance, fire resistance, sound insulation, insulation and so on.

In rubber products in the added modified sex hollow glass micro-beads dosage in 10%-40%, can improve products quality, and reduced cost, it can all instead of calcium carbonate, and talcum powder, and instead of white carbon black and carbon black do rubber fill strong agent, in rubber products in the using Super subtle beads composite more fine rubber products performance more good, and rubber Zhijian knot Heli increased, has with high of fill strong role, hollow glass micro-beads replaced part carbon black or white carbon black for half fill strong agent, base friends low price advantage and multifunctional, rubber tire, Rubber shoes for wear resistance up to 7000kg/cm2, thus prolonging the service life.