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Market demand to foster the development of glass beads
- Mar 22, 2017 -

During the process of life potential increased demand for glass beads, led to the development of the industry, a lot of glass beads manufacturers and scientific research institutions started to increase in glass bead production technology investment, making the industry has become more active. Manufacture technology of glass beads: calculated based on raw material Proportioning, mixing accurately after weighing, the mixture may wish to trace the clarifying agent, namely, in the manufacture of optical glass commonly used when clarifying agent, and then into the furnace at 1200 degrees Celsius in Platinum crucibles when melted.

In fact, not only is the production of glass beads, and other production of any product is a fine work, it is a relatively lean learning curve, we need more seriously, carefully, so that it can produce high quality products. As long as the double's serious intentions, will have a technological breakthrough, before gradually improving their own competitiveness, reinforcing the dominance in the field, or you may be Happy Together, and then disappeared.

During the melting process, after several mixing and clarification into uniform quality of convenience; common process for making beads glass beads. Is the glass melt in iron, and cooled in the air, and then use the mill to crush, screen and adjust the glass size, glass powder in about 1500 degrees centigrade with the gas nozzle Jet heat beads made from surface tension. -Glass beads for nearly losing, and optical performance is stable and high quality.