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Hot melt coating premixed glass beads
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Glass bead for road marking is a form of the glass as a raw material by high temperature melting into a tiny glass bead sphere, observed under the microscope is a colorless, transparent sphere, generally between 90 µm to 1400 µm in diameter. Glass beads at present is the main production method of flame floating. There are also horizontal scrolling of relatively large particles produced by glass bead, but due to the production restriction cannot be well applied in reflective areas.

Glass bead for road marking road marking (painted) reflective material, which can improve the performance of retroreflective pavement marking paint, improve driving safety at night, has been confirmed by the transport sector. When the car when driving at night, lights in glass beads for road marking on it, but lamp light rays bounce back, allowing drivers to see the way forward, improve driving safety at night. Now, the glass beads has become irreplaceable in road safety reflective material.

According to the latest provisions of the national standard GB/t 24722-2009, glass beads divided into the surface spreading glass bead and premixed glass beads. Premixed glass beads are in the process of production of hot melt coating, premixed glass beads premixed in hot melt coating for the production of blended materials in order to enhance the reflective life of mark.

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