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Hollow glass microspheres can be applied to plastic, rubber
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Hollow glass microspheres used in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material filled, which acts as a solid lubricant to improve liquidity, and on mechanical properties of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene materials are modified to enhance their strength and wear resistance, and so on. Nylon 6 reinforced with a hollow glass micro-beads, tensile strength, impact strength, hardness, and other mechanical properties can be improved, and can prevent the ageing of materials caused by light and heat.

With the increasing content of glass beads, Martin of material heat-resistant temperature increase. For production bearing, and camera, and furniture accessories,; with hollow glass micro-beads fill hard quality PVC, production different profile, and pipe and plate, can makes material has good of size stability, improve rigid and heat temperature, and improve production efficiency; fill ABS, can improved material size of stability, reduced contraction rate, improve compressive strength and anti-bent die volume, and improved surface Shang paint performance, can widely for TV shell, and car plastic pieces, and audio equipment, and household appliances of production; fill epoxy resin, can reduced material stick degrees Improved physical and mechanical properties, can be used for the production of composite foams, deep-sea submarines, boats, etc; filled unsaturated polyester resin, can make the material shrinkage and reduced water absorption, abrasion resistance increased and fewer holes as laminating and coating, fiberglass products can be produced, polished wheels, tools, etc;